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Seabulk Tankers, Inc.

Seabulk Tankers operates and leases U.S.-flag petroleum and chemical carriers including double-hull vessels. The fleet transports crude oil, clean and dirty petroleum products and specialty chemicals in both the domestic and foreign trades.

Seabulk Trader
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Seabulk Tankers places environmental and operational safety as its first priority, embracing the marine industry’s goal of eliminating environmental pollution from tankers and keeping its mariners safe at all times. Accordingly, Seabulk Tankers is trusted by its customers to operate in some of the most environmentally sensitive areas of the U.S., from the pristine waters of Alaska to the Florida coast.


Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Seabulk Tankers operates vessels primarily in the Jones Act trade.


Through its highly skilled and experienced management team, both ashore and at sea, Seabulk Tankers is dedicated to providing its customers with safe, efficient and reliable marine transportation services. The Company is recognized as one of the most progressive and innovative in the marine transportation business. Seabulk Tankers seeks to exceed customer expectations of quality, safety and efficiency through continuous improvement and constant customer interaction.


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